Z Software it support

Z Software IT Support


Z Software IT Support – by CRT


We have been providing Z Software IT support to Pharmacies in Brisbane and for the Sunshine Coast area and have extensive knowledge of the Z Software program.

We understand the importance of keeping …

1) Z Software Database Secure
2) Z Software program up to date.
3) Z Software data safely backed up.
4) Z Software program fast enabling fast access to all users and Pharmacists.
5) setting the correct permissions for Z Software users, whether it be for Pharmacists, Practice Managers or reception staff.
6) Your Server and network IT infrastructure fast and efficient.

When we update your Z Software program we provide this support after hours so as to not impede on your business operations.

All our technicians have been trained to provide expert Z Software IT support.
All our technicians are friendly, honest, and have extensive experience with network and server IT support.
We support Pharmacies all over the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.
We respond quickly to support calls in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.