Office 365 Email Migration

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Office 365 Email Migration

Email embodies a business-critical system; it is often the primary method of communication between the representatives of your business and your customers and suppliers; it is the necessary platform for many two-step authentication security measures; it is also one of the most important aspects of any web-based process. This is why it is crucial to partner with a reliable IT company that can make Office 365 email migration simple and with as few implications on your business as possible. 

As IT experts trained in Microsoft products, the CRT Network Solutions team are confident that we can help migrate your existing email to Office 365. If you need assistance with Office 365 email migration, please contact us and we will get back to you.

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Preparing For

Office 365 Email Migration

Regardless of your reason for migrating your email, there is more to the process than simply moving users and data across. Planning for the migration and knowing what you will be migrating can further simplify the process. When we conduct an Office 365 email migration, we ensure we consider the following:

  • User mailbox data, which often includes emails, contacts, tasks and calendars; these are often some of the trickiest batches of data to migrate as it directly impacts on your coworkers’ or staff’s ability to continue to work. During an Office 365 email migration, we aim to ensure that your business does not experience any downtimes, data losses or disruptions. 
  • Application mailbox or system mailbox data is often overlooked during a migration. If your business uses automated systems to send emails out, like marketing platforms, CRMs or MRPs, it will be affected by the migration. Similarly, distribution lists will also need to be carefully transitioned across to Office 365. 
  • Many businesses use shared mailboxes for generic emails, which may be used on your website for forms or contact pages. These are important and should work at all times – something we are careful to ensure during an Office 365 email migration.
  • Your business’ DNS records will need to be reconfigured to ensure that your email flows into Office 365 instead of to your old email system.
  • User devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets will need to be reconfigured to connect to their new mailboxes on Office 365 once the migration is complete.
office 365 email migration

Office 365 Email Migration

Migration Options

Office 365 email migration can take time. This largely depends on things like how many users are in your organisation, how much data there is to transfer, and whether or not you are moving over to Office 365 completely, or if you are creating a hybrid setup. 

CRT Network Solutions can tailor our migration services to whatever best fits the needs of your business. To this end, we can provide different migration methods, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your business’ needs: 

Cutover Migration

This Office 365 email migration option is for businesses and organisations who wish to migrate the contents of their users’ mailboxes from their source email system to Office 365 all at one time. This option is recommendable when: 

  • You are using an on-premises Exchange organisation like Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, or Exchange Server 2016
  • Your on-premises Exchange organisation comprises fewer than 2,000 mailboxes.

Staged Migration

This email migration option is ideal for businesses and organisations who wish to migrate the contents of their user mailboxes from their source email system in stages rather than all at once. Though it can take longer, a staged migration can provide windows during which we can scan for faults, security concerns or improvements that may benefit your business. A staged migration can also require on-premises synchronisation and other technical fixes to ensure that your Office 365 email migration goes ahead smoothly.

Hybrid Migration 

Whether you are looking to implement a hybrid setup for your business indefinitely, or if it will be an interim situation before moving entirely over to the cloud, a hybrid migration can offer many benefits. This option provides your business with the features and facilities that their on-premises email system enabled with the added benefit of the seamless look, feel and email experience of Office 365.

IMAP Migration

This option is primarily for businesses and organisations that are not making use of Exchange mail systems, including external mail platforms like GMail. This migration option will only import email messages. During IMAP migration, preparation often takes longer than the migration itself because Exchange mailboxes will need to be created for each user, and a CSV or similar file with email addresses, usernames and passwords will need to be created.

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Planning for Your Business'

Office 365 Email Migration

Proper planning is crucial when migrating your email to Office 365. By taking the time to assess your current email systems and user data, and to plan for the migration itself, will undoubtedly prevent mistakes and data loss. It may be a worthwhile exercise to have CRT Network Solutions prepare whichever of the following sub-plans are applicable to your business to help ensure that your Office 365 email migration goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

User-by-User Plan 

Although it can be stressful, an email migration can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to tidy up your email system. Any of your current employees/staff/coworkers who are users will usually migrate with the same data, but previous employees’ or users’ data can be migrated to shared inboxes to avoid incurring additional license fees and to ‘clean up’ your systems. 

This also allows you to check how many email accounts you have active and assess whether you can eliminate the redundant accounts. The fewer email accounts you have, the fewer opportunities there are to breach your systems and access your business’ data. 

Malware and Spam Filtering Plan

Spam and malware are risks that all businesses face when they operate online. That is why we help our clients develop a spam and malware filtering plan during their Office 365 email migration. 

Device and Mail Client Plan 

We will create a catalogue of existing mail clients or devices that your business is using to assess whether you will need to move to a new client or device. Though there are a wide range of clients and devices that can integrate and work with Office 365, Outlook is often the client of choice due to its simplified administration and easy collaboration facilities.

Regardless of whether or not your Office 365 email migration will be complicated, it is highly advisable to partner with an experienced, trained IT service company that understands the great technicalities involved with moving over such important data. Outsourcing your migration will also ensure that you and your business can continue to operate and function with as little interruption or disturbance as possible. If your business needs help with Office 365 email migration, be sure to get in touch with CRT today!

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