Linkage 2 SEO Tricks – We love them!


This is our second Linkage page that is optimised for google indexing. It doesn’t need to be fancy, in just needs to be indexed by google so that all the pages that are associated with this page gets added to the google index. This paragraph is just fluff, don’t judge us on this paragraph but rather by our google ranking. We love google!!

SEO Progress

Let’s put some more content here. This may or may not be important to do however it might be good to break up the immense number of links on this page. It shouldn’t really matter as these links are internal however you would likely get penalised if these links went external to your website to another website.

There are so many more factors to getting a good google ranking, such as page speed, quality of links from external sources. You can check all of these factors at Site credibility is a must when trying to achieve a good ranking. Merely adding pages is not enough, get yourself a Google+ business page. Make sure to keep your NAP the same in all areas.