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Clients with Servers should be protected with a Managed IT Services Plan

IT Support Sunshine Coast

IT Services Sunshine Coast

We provide IT Support on the Sunshine coast. If you are a business in need of an IT support company on the Sunshine Coast then you’ve come to the right place.

We are experts in IT Support and are trained Microsoft IT Support partners. Our technicians are all qualified in providing quality IT Support.

We have been providing IT Support to businesses on the Sunshine coast since 2006. Based on the Sunshine Coast we pride ourselves in providing fast responses to IT support enquiries. We understand all the ins and outs of providing IT support for networks, servers, workstations and printers.

We configure and maintain reliable backup solutions for your server or network environment. We know how to best optimise your network, server, workstations, and Antivirus for speed and efficiency.

All our staff are friendly and honest, and before we leave site, we will check with you to make sure you are happy that all problems have been resolved.

If you would like to discuss your IT Support requirements for your business on the Sunshine Coast and would like to have an IT company you can rely on for quality IT support, please contact us at CRT Network Solutions and we will be more than happy to help.

Upgrades? No Problem. We will perform these upgrades after hours so that not to impede on your normal business hours.

We always endeavor to put fault tolerant infrastructures in place.

If you would like references from any of our other Sunshine Coast clients, please contact us. IT Support Sunshine Coast – look no further than CRT Network Solutions

Proactive IT Support

We closely monitor the status of servers, networks, switches and any other network equipment.

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Our Sunshine Coast IT Support Services Include


Onsite & Remote Support


Critical Server Updates


Event log monitoring


Disk Monitoring


AV Monitoring


Firewall Maintenance & Monitoring


Continuous Server Health Monitoring

We also provide


Web Design & Hosting


Workstation Patching


Allotted or Unlimited Support Plans, either Remote, or Remote and Onsite.


Medical Program Updates for our Medical Clinics.


Program Updates

Why shouldn’t this be
handled in-house?


Staff don’t always perform backup checks. Backup checks get forgotten.


Backups don’t get tested by staff.


We know what problems to look for.


We check all clients server backups, each and every morning. If a backup fails, then we will rectify the issue then and there.



All our IT support team are highly skilled.


Our phones are answered by an Engineer and dealt with promptly.


All our support staff are highly skilled in providing IT Support.


Very rarely are we overrun by our work. We maintain a good staff to work ratio. We run most staff at 80%, always leaving room to pickup jobs in an emergency.


We come highly recommended. References are available on request.

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IT Services Sunshine Coast – IT Support Sunshine Coast

IT Support Provider sunshine coast

Do you need IT Services Sunshine Coast?

Do you need fixed costs for all your IT Support requirements?

We provide a range of different products to take care of all your IT Support needs.

As an IT service provider we have in house tools to allow us to closely monitor your network environment.

These tools allow for network monitoring, antivirus monitoring, web monitoring, backup monitoring and security monitoring. Our tools allow us to protect your computers from encryption viruses, hacking and many other security concerns.

As part of our agreements we will closely monitor the status of servers, networks, switches and any other network equipment.

IT Services Sunshine Coast – IT Support Sunshine Coast

Our IT Support prices are competitive. If you would like a quote or would like to meet us, please drop us a line on 1300 760 339 and we will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your IT Service requirements..

We are experts in Microsoft server support, network support, and supporting workstations.

We are familiar with a wide range of softwares to do with various industries such as Accounting, Legal Firms, Medical IT and general business.

We have been providing IT Support to Sunshine Coast Businesses since 2006.



We are an IT support company that knows how to support Business IT Networks.


We keep your network data safe and secure.


We provide the right advice for your business network.


All our staff are highly trained and understand networking IT processes.


Responsive business network IT support that you can trust.


We are proficient in Microsoft Servers and other software products.

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Industries we serve

IT services customised for your industry

CRT – The most Trusted IT Support provider in QLD

Data Integrity

CRT ensures your backups are secure and integral by performing routine test restores of your data.

Server Monitoring

CRT provides 24/7 around the clock monitoring of your server keeping systems secure and efficient.

CRT Firewall

CRT will monitor your firewall, always ensuring your systems are kept safe and secure.


CRT will ensure that there are no bottlenecks on your network hindering speed and efficiency of your critical programs.


CRT have an enterprise grade Antivirus that will protect your PC’S , SERVER’S and Network from attacks from the outside world


CRT follows strict processes to comply with accreditation standards. We can help you achieve accreditation for your practice.

Network IT Policy

CRT will help you develop an IT policy that adheres to IT standards for your staff.

Help desk

CRT maintains a high level of availability to trained staff that are always ready to take your call.

Medical IT

We provide Medical IT Support to multiple Medical Practices throughout Australia.

What should I look for in an IT Service Provider?

First of all, choose a company that has a good culture.

The IT Support Company should ....
1. Be Personalable.
2. Be Knowledgable.
3. Be Available at short notice in times of emergencies.
4. Have a good attention to detail, always.
5. Always be on the lookout for security loopholes.
6. Be affordable.

How quickly can I get IT Support?

Immediate IT support is just a phone call away. For urgent requests please phone, for non-urgent requests you can either call, fill out the form, or send an email enquiry.

Do you provide 24/7 IT Support?

Yes! We provide 24/7 IT support to our existing clients. Support is reserved for emergencies only.

What is involved in changing IT Support companies?

Initially, we will have a meeting with you and go through all the aspects of your IT support. We will find out, what's been working, and what hasn't been working. We will then identify what passwords are required across the network and internet platforms prior to notifying the existing IT support. We will also make sure that you, the client, are not at risk by making sure you have a good backup of your data in hand prior to notifying your existing IT Support. We make sure to protect the clients interests every step of the way.